About us

Our philosophy

Digital Cubes offers computer security certification and qualification solutions for products, so the process is simple and understandable to our clients.

These services are designed to provide support to all the actors that participate in the certification/qualification process. Involved actors may be, product developers, certification bodies or testing laboratories.

Our team has experience as part of the developer team of products that required a high security assurance (Common Criteria EAL4+), as well as creation of testing laboratories with the ISO 17025 requirements for Common Criteria and LINCE (Spanish lightweight evaluation) scopes.


Service based on experience

This company has been founded with the purpose of solve the needing that arise in the IT security products, which requirements are increasingly becoming more demanding.

Since the starting of my career in 2007, I have seen the computer security certification from different perspectives, from the developer’s point of view as well as testing laboratory’s.

The gained experience covers a wide variety of products, from products which required historically a certification, as cipher machines, aircrafts or Galileo positioning system (European GPS), till new products that are demanding this kind of services, as cloud services (like those provided by Microsoft) and biometrical authentication products among others.

Increasingly more developers, laboratories and certification bodies have to adapt to this kind of certifications, which at the same time are expanding and reaching new sectors. This is why we consider that it is a favourable moment to put at your disposal our services.

PhD. Alberto Fuentes Rodríguez

Our Mission

The services we are offering are oriented to support the certification and qualification ecosystem, simplifying processes and making possible that any sector can obtain the computer security level required as easy as possible.

For developers we provide consultancy to achieve the certifications and qualifications required in their sector, as well as help them to include security in their product’s development lifecycle, so the effort required in future certification processes is reduced.
From Digital Cubes we offer, in scopes related to computer security, consultancy for creation of testing laboratories or scope upgrading within the ISO 17025.
For certification bodies, we offer consultancy of new certification schemes or modification of implemented schemes, as well as support in the certification services.